Torch Family Leadership is a coaching firm dedicated to helping men be greater men. To be greater men we realize that we have to be better leaders in our homes. Our wifes and our children need us to be ever improving men of action that aren’t afraid to change or adapt for the better, to stand firm on our values, principals and standards as well as charitable with grace and mercy. They need us to be MEN…not dudes(although I love the word) or guys…our families and our communities need us to be MEN.

We certainly have a focus on developing strong family leaders but we are also here for single men as well. It is our mission to help men see the importance of responsibility, the value of integrity and the power of leadership. We believe that it is important for men to learn to be leaders and develop the skills necessary to build up those around us whether they are our families, friends or colleagues.

We are here to help you. We are here to partner with you not only to make you successful but to help you find peace, joy and purpose.

We offer:

  • Family Leadership Coaching
  • Marriage Coaching
  • Men’s Coaching


Our coaching will provide you the tools needed to….

  • Be a more caring, confident and capable father and family leader
  • Find new ways to connect with your wife and/or children
  • Explore strategies for raising well behaved, respectful and happy children
  • Develop stronger communication with your wife and/or children
  • Learn more about yourself to better help your kids find out who they are


If you’d like to learn more about our coaching packages or book a speaking engagement please contact Blaze Pearson at Blaze@TorchFamilyLeadership.com